It has been more than a year since the venomous 2016 presidential election concluded, but animosity between Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump still lingers. The president continues to make references to “Crooked Hillary” and has urged the FBI to investigate the Clinton Foundation. And in an appearance at Rutgers University last night, March 29th, Clinton fired back at her critics — including Trump himself.

During Clinton’s Q&A session, the former secretary of state recalled facing Trump in the presidential debates. And in particular, she said that the then-candidate had made fun of her for preparing in advance.

Amid laughter from the crowd, Clinton continued by taking a jab at Trump.

But Clinton didn’t just talk about the ways Trump has demeaned her. As the first female presidential candidate from one of the country’s two major political parties, Clinton has said that she was often treated unfairly. And she argued that the double standards she faced didn’t just apply during the campaign. The former presidential candidate pointed out that while many of her critics have told her to “shut up” after her loss, former male candidates have not been subjected to the same criticism.

The politician went on to talk about how glad she was that others who had lost presidential elections had continued in politics. She cited the examples of John McCain, Mitt Romney, John Kerry, and Al Gore as men who have continued to speak up after they lost.

Even though she ultimately lost the 2016 election, Clinton’s campaign for president was still an important step for women. And seeing Hillary at Rutgers demonstrated just how much that’s true. We admire Clinton for speaking out against sexism in politics, and we hope she continues to ignore those who tell her to “shut up.”