Credit: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

In her first address since Wednesday’s concession speech, Hillary Clinton spoke out in a conference call with campaign staffers and volunteers on Friday. In an attempt to “not sugarcoat” the situation, Clinton admitted that, “these have been very, very tough days.”

But, despite the hardship she’s facing, Clinton thanked those who have supported her, adding that it [the support] “has certainly lifted my spirits over the last few days.”

Seeing how gracefully Clinton has handled the election results are really inspiring. People who have witnessed her post-election speeches have been moved.

Calling the campaign “one of the greatest honors of her life,” Clinton went on to discuss the results of this past week’s election.

Although Trump won the Electoral College, Clinton far surpassed his numbers with the popular vote. With more than two million votes (and counting), supporters are trying to find a way to get Hillary into the White House. Clinton encouraged her supporters to not lose faith in the causes that they have come to support.

Like she always does, Clinton has followed up her powerful words with action. She hosted a party at the campaign headquarters in Brooklyn Friday evening. Of the attendees, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and her top aide, Huma Abedin were present.

Though this election may be difficult to come to terms with, it’s important to stay positive and hold poise, just as Hillary has done.

We are so touched by this beautiful reminder.