Credit: Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Hillary Clinton may not be stepping into the White House this coming January, but there are plenty of kids who want her to know they’re still on her side. Yep, get out your tissues, cause you’re going to need them for this one — kids are writing chalk messages outside Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, and it’s the little bit of sweetness we all need in our day today.

In the wake of what was an undeniably rough election year, people have been struggling to find a bright spot, but leave it to the golden hearts of children to solve that problem. These young Clinton supporters took to the sidewalks with a bit of chalk and a lot of hope, and we’re not crying, YOU ARE.

Little ones and their families came together yesterday to show their support for Clinton, leaving messages to thank her, with colored hearts aplenty. They included messages like “Black Lives Matter,” and her campaign slogan, “Love Trumps Hate,” proving that the goodness and kindness of children is exactly what we all need to make sense of what’s to come next. false

None of us know exactly how a Trump presidency will play out, but if we keep the spirit of these Brooklyn kids in mind, we’re already headed in the right direction. These little acts of kindness are exactly what we need more of, especially in such uncertain and unnerving times. Check out a few more of these adorable messages from little ones to Hillary Clinton.


What a small but impactful way for kids to show their compassion and express their feelings. All the happy tears.