Her time in public office may be over, but Hillary Clinton shows no signs of stopping her advocation for important global issues.

Tribeca Film Festival attendees got quite a surprise Friday night when she made an appearance at one of the viewings. According to Deadline, Hillary showed up at the panel for Kathryn Bigelow and Imran Ismail’s The Protectors: A Walk in the Ranger’s Shoes.

There, the former FLOTUS talked about how important it is to save elephants from poaching. A very worthy cause, if you ask us.

The Protectors is a virtual reality documentary short from National Geographic Documentary Films that follows Garamba National Park rangers around for a day. The film raises awareness of the 30,000 elephants that are killed by poachers each year.

The Clinton Foundation has been working diligently to try and end the Ivory War. But Hillary says that there is more that we can do to help. For instance, on the website OutfitARanger, you can buy better gear for the rangers on conservation sites. This includes vests, shoes, and more.

Thanks to Hillary and this new documentary, elephants might get a fighting chance against extinction.