This pic of Hillary Clinton the moment she found out the Chicago Cubs were going to the World Series is *too* adorable

It doesn’t take a die-hard fan to tell you there’s no crying in baseball, but here’s something that’s too cute to be banned from the game: the adorable “Oh, shit!” facial expression Hillary Clinton wore in this photo that shows her in mid-fangirl freakout the moment she found out the Chicago Cubs had advanced to the World Series.

People reports that after campaigning on Saturday, the Democratic presidential candidate learned that her hometown team advanced to the World Series for the first time in 71 years. While she didn’t get too crazy and crash a White House press conference to discuss the Cubs like Bill Murray, the photo snapped by Clinton’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill shows that she was clearly beyond thrilled.

Love it! The only thing that would make this moment more unforgettable is if Clinton did her satisfied shoulder shimmy in celebration.