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We’re not exaggerating when we say that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is known for saying outrageous things. Whether it be about women, minorities, or international relations — you name it, he’s probably said something offensive about it.

Which is why we weren’t necessarily all that surprised when, in a speech last night, he declared that all immigrants entering the United States would have to undergo an “American values” test to ensure that they truly uphold the American way of thinking if he were elected president.

And the Clinton camp was having none of it. Take a look at the below video posted on Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account this morning

Just to reiterate, Clinton is saying a test that measures true American values (you know, like freedom of speech, freedom of action, and equality) is a test Trump would fail.

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The video highlights the fact that Trump has called for a “complete and total shutdown of Muslims,” and not only that, but if he becomes president, he might strongly consider overturning the progress we’ve made toward LGBTQ+ equality, including the delegalization of same-sex marriage.

In the end, Clinton makes the overall assessment that Trump is “out of step with American values.”

Whether you agree with Clinton, Trump, or neither candidate, it’s undeniable that Hillary Clinton is putting up a strong fight against this larger-than-life personality, and she definitely administered a SICK BURN to the Trump camp today.