Anna Sheffer
Updated April 04, 2019

Miscarriage is something that so many women experience in silence—even though so very many people and families have gone through it. In an April 4th Instagram post, Hilaria Baldwin, author and co-host of the podcast Mom Brain, shared that she’s pregnant, but that she is “most likely” experiencing a miscarriage.

In the candid post, Baldwin—who has four children with actor Alec Baldwin—shared a picture of herself in her underwear, cradling her abdomen.

Baldwin went on to add that she’s sharing her experience because she wants to help “normalize miscarriage and remove the stigma from it.” She explained that her baby currently has a very weak heartbeat and isn’t growing on schedule, and noted that “the chances are very, very small that this is a viable pregnancy.” Baldwin added that she feels grateful to already be the mother of four children and that she and her family will get through this difficult time.

Losing a pregnancy is never easy, but we’re thankful that Baldwin is raising awareness about this common—yet often undiscussed—issue. We’re thinking of her and her family right now.