Jessica Booth
January 24, 2018 2:34 pm

The internet has been a little less funny and weird since Vine folded into Twitter. Sure, Instagram Stories and Snapchat are great, but they just don’t fill the six-second void Vine left in our hearts. Luckily, the platform is coming back…sort of. Vine 2 (the official name is v2, but it’s basically just a second Vine) is officially a thing. After teasing the possibility of a comeback on Twitter, creators have confirmed that v2 is on its way. Everyone now wants to know every single detail — like when it will be available? And exactly how do we use Vine 2?

So what can you expect from v2?

It’s most likely going to be a lot like Vine. Co-founder Dom Hofmann told TechCrunch that it will again contain looping videos that will be between two and 6.5 seconds. Don’t expect anything fancy, like filters, locations, or stickers. It looks like the platform will be sticking to its extremely simple roots.

Although details are still scarce (the company is being pretty secretive), it seems like you’ll be able to use v2 just like you used Vine. You know, go onto the platform, upload a video, wait for it to go viral, and lose hours of your day watching other hilariously strange videos. One thing you probably won’t be able to do is use material you don’t own, like hit songs. The company told TechCrunch, “Unlike Vine, v2 will be a bit stricter about copyrighted content and take down videos that include major record label music or move scene if it receives a DMCA notice.”

As with Vine, you’ll be able to create a cool username on v2. Hofmann has hinted that current forum accounts might be used with v2, although he left us with very little information. If you have a username in mind, your best bet, as NY Mag suggests, is going on the forum to make it just in case.

Other info we know about how to use Vine 2?

According to the forums, there will be a feature called “Team,” which will allow you to collaborate with other artists as one. You can upload videos from your camera roll, which is a welcome change.

While you wait for Vine 2 to be launched, you’ll learn a lot more by checking out the v2 community forums, where creators and artists are sharing plenty of details. You can go to the site, create an account, ask questions, and participate in discussions while getting amped for the second Vine.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on v2 and will let you know as we learn more.