Karen Belz
December 13, 2016 8:53 am
Dom J / Pexels

When we hear the word “recall,” we normally think of everything from hummus to baby toys. But candles? Say it ain’t so! It turn out that Yankee Candle Company recalled products from their Luminous Collection line, so if you bought a few of them for your loved ones this holiday season, you might want to listen up.

As it turns out, these candles contain faulty glass. While the recall is voluntary, it’s definitely important to consider returning your products in case they become hazardous.

 The good news? Only six types of candles are listed in the recall. (It’s been estimated that about 31,000 candles total have the defect.)

Check your purchases now, to see if you own one of these:

UPC Code: 886860520786

Apple Blossom & Melon

UPC Code: 886860520816

Sugarcane & Honey

UPC Code: 886860520809

Pine & Sandalwood

UPC Code: 886860574048

Cinnamon & Cedar

UPC Code: 886860520823

Sea Salt & Coral

UPC Code: 886860520793

Blackberry & Sage

Is your candle listed? Have no fear. All you need to do is return it to Yankee Candle. They’ll allow you to swap out your defective candle for a brand new one.

And, uh — try not to make 90 more purchases while you’re there, since that’s what happens at Yankee Candle during the end of holiday shopping season. Maybe wait until the new year to stock up — your credit card will thank you.