Brianne Hogan
March 11, 2018 11:11 am
Anna Buckley / HelloGiggles - Fox Photos/Getty Images

This week’s new moon on St. Patrick’s Day comes a few days ahead of the first day of spring, which is beautifully symbolic of new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s a good omen considering Jupiter went into retrograde on the 8th (and will be there until July), which would explain why we’re feeling introspective as we figure out what we truly want instead of what we think we need. Think of this week of reflection as a vital breeding ground for your boldest dreams before you’re given the “okay” from the Universe to take action.

Visualize, dream, and believe!


Don’t take on the issues of others this week, Pisces, no matter how bad you might feel for your friends and fam. Self-care is crucial for you right now, which includes everything from setting boundaries to figuring out your spending habits. Remember: saying “no” is okay, too.


It would do you good to chill that ram temper of yours, Aries. You might be feeling frustrated and irritated with your surroundings, but that doesn’t mean you should get into needless arguments about it. Sometimes refusing to engage is the biggest gift you can give to yourself — and others.


Chin up, Taurus! You’re doing better than you think you are. You might be feeling a little lonely this week, but this time of solitude is a great time to reflect, write in your journal, or create some art. Choose to see life’s uncertainty as an adventure rather than a curse.


You might be suffering from major FOMO this week, Gemini, but don’t let that interfere with what really matters: your future. Use this time to dream and plan the things you’d like to accomplish within the next few months. Usually, it’s a NO that brings about our biggest YES. Do you.


You’re doing some serious soul-searching this week, Cancer. You’re finally able to see the truth behind a wishy-washy situation. Maybe it’s a toxic friend or an on-again-off-again love interest. Whatever it is, know that you have the strength to let it go and by doing so, you’ll be way better off.


It’s time to be there for the people in your life, Leo. Don’t let your busy life interfere with what matters most: your loved ones. It’s important to take the time to be there for the people you love. Invite your bestie out for a night out or call your mom. Connection is good for you, too, you know.


You’ve been involved with something toxic for the last few weeks, Virgo, and it’s time to say BOY BYE. You might not even realize how much this situation has been bringing you down. Do a check-in with yourself. How do you feel? How’s your energy/feelings/vibe? Being self-aware is key for your growth.


It’s hard to be the peacekeeper all the time, isn’t it? But people come to you for solace and hugs because you’re kind and fair, Libra. This week might finally test your patience and your faith in humanity, but keep seeing the good in people — no matter what. We need more kind-hearted peeps like you in the world!


You’re feeling more alive than ever this week, Scorpio. After a rough few months, you’re finally free. Free of negative people, bad jobs, and energy-sucking habits. Use this freedom to go after what you truly want with everything you’ve got. Changes are coming and that’s a GOOD thing — don’t forget it.


Acknowledging your fears is an important step in growth, Sag. But knowing what you WANT is far more powerful than obsessing over what you DON’T want. You’ve gone through some challenges lately, but don’t let the dramz stop you from believing you deserve (and can have) the very best.


No one dares call a Capricorn a “sucker,” but this week you might feel like one. Maybe you gave your heart to someone who didn’t deserve it or were grossly underpaid for a project. Whatever it is, voice your concerns and state your value. No matter what, know you’re worthy of the very best. Mama didn’t raise no fool!


You’ll be asked to let a vision of yours go this week, Aquarius. Whether it’s a creative project or a relationship, by releasing it you are creating space for something new. You’ve been comfortable for too long, and now the Universe wants you to expand. Release what’s holding you back.

See you next week, horoscope honeys!