Kendall Ashley
January 31, 2018 12:05 pm
Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images

Woody Allen’s adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, has been consistently vocal about suffering abuse at the hands of her father. However, for years, Allen managed to snag A-list actors for his films, and was still widely respected in the film community. But as the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have really taken off, more and more abusers are being held accountable — including Woody Allen, who is finally starting to face consequences for his alleged actions.

More actors are speaking out against Allen, donating their salaries from Allen’s films to women’s rights causes, and swearing to never work with Allen again. And just recently, another actor has has joined the ranks of those who say they will never work with Allen again: Peggy Carter herself, Hayley Atwell.

Atwell’s first film, 2007’s Cassandra’s Dream, was a Woody Allen picture. In an interview with The Guardian, Atwell called the shoot a bizarre experience where she didn’t really feel directed by Allen, and she has said she didn’t have any relationship with him outside of her work on the film. Additionally, she stated that she had no prior knowledge of the accusations against him when she agreed to work with him.

Now, Atwell has apologized to Farrow for any pain she caused through her participation in Cassandra’s Dream.

Atwell’s statement is a powerful one, and highlights the very real state of Hollywood prior to the #MeToo movement. By and large, actors could not speak out against powerful men without putting their careers in jeopardy, and so found themselves unable to call out the abuse perpetrated by those in high positions in the entertainment industry.

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have not only given a voice to those who have been abused and taken advantage of by people in power, but it’s also empowered those who wish to stand in solidarity with the victims. It’s heartening to watch more people open up about harrowing experiences, and to see the culture of silence and oppression get snuffed out in Hollywood and in our culture at large.

Atwell has long been a vocal supporter of women’s rights and a staunch feminist, and we’re proud to see her speak out.