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Remember that book, Everybody Poops, with the simple, humbling message, “Seriously, everyone and their mother poops”? Well, we’re here with a similarly universal truth: Everyone has stretch marks. Yes, everyone. When we change in shape and size in quick spurts—like we all do during puberty, pregnancy, weight gain, whatever—our skin responds in the coolest way possible: It accommodates us. If that means stretch marks, then hell yeah to stretch marks.

But, for as much as we stan what these fine white lines stand for, if we want to fade them or reduce their appearance, we should have the option. The body care industry is as fraught with misleading claims as the facial skin care realm, so it can be difficult to navigate which of the many products available will safely and effectively get the job done.

Turns out, hundreds of people (including Khloé Kardashian) have hedged their bets on one product to do just that. Maternity brand HATCH’s Belly Oil, which sold out almost immediately upon launch, had a 1,000-person waitlist. Today, it’s not only back in stock, but also newly available in a mini size.

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The Meghan Markle-loved brand created its cult-favorite stretch mark oil for use during pregnancy, so its ingredient list is all natural. But fans of the product are not limited to expecting moms—pregnant and non-pregnant women are using it on their bellies, thighs, hips, and butts to smooth out the appearance of stretch marks.

The product contains soothing calendula, vitamin E-rich sweet almond, and antioxidant grapefruit peel oil, among other strong-yet-gentle ingredients. Hatch describes the product as a ‘dry oil’ meaning it applies like an oil but quickly absorbs, leaving behind a velvet-like texture that you can immediately put clothes over.

Shop the stretch mark oil that over 1,000 people couldn’t wait to get their hands (and thighs and tummies) on for $58 at HatchCollection.com.

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