As part of Harvey Weinstein’s New York trial, courts unsealed a 1,000-page trove of related documents, including the now-convicted rapist’s email correspondence. As The New York Times reports, one of those emails was Weinstein’s violent request to his representative to have actress Jennifer Aniston killed. The 2017 email came after a journalist reportedly reached out for comment about an allegation—not from Aniston herself—that he had sexually harassed the actress.

Back in 2017, according to The New York Times, Weinstein seemingly believed that Aniston had alleged that he had groped her.

In an email, Weinstein reportedly wrote to his representative, “Jen Aniston should be killed.”

However, at the time, Aniston’s publicist Stephen Huvane told the NYT that the Friends actress never made that allegation. (Of course, that doesn’t take away from the many other women who have spoken up with their own stories against him.)

“He never got close enough to her to touch her,” Huvane said. “She has never been alone with him. We have no idea about the email, since it wasn’t sent to us, nor do we have any comment to make on it.”

Aniston has spoken out in the past about the convicted rapist’s “piggish behavior.”

“I remember I was sitting at the dinner table with Clive [Owen], and our producers and a friend of mine was sitting with me,” Aniston told Variety in October 2019. “[Weinstein] literally came to the table and said to my friend: ‘Get up!’ And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ And so my friend got up and moved and Harvey sat down….It was just such a level of gross entitlement and piggish behavior.”

As the unsealed documents bring more horrifying insight into the case, fortunately, we finally saw some justice. Today, March 11th, Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison. There is so much more work to do in order to hold sexual predators accountable, but we are glad to see justice served—thanks to all of the women who have spoken up with their stories of sexual assault.