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Harvard University has announced that it’s suspending it’s men’s soccer team over sexist remarks.

The decision by the Massachusetts-based university comes after it emerged that the 2012 men’s soccer team had made inappropriate comments about the women’s soccer team.

In a statement released by University president Drew Faust, it was noted that the suspension of the team comes following a string of incidents, and wasn’t an isolated incident. In fact, the behavior is said to be widespread across the whole team, and to have occurred during the sporting season.

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According to a report by The Harvard Crimson, the university’s student paper, players from the 2012 men’s soccer team created a yearly document that attractiveness of the freshmen recruits from the 2012 women’s soccer team.

The document is said to include “sexually explicit terms” and is titled the “scouting report.” Contained within is reported to be an evaluation of the female recruits, with each assigned a numerical score, a picture, and a paragraph long assessment of each woman.

The “report” is also said to contain sexually explicit descriptions of the women, with one detailing that “she looks like the kind of girl who both likes to dominate, and likes to be dominated.”

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According to reports, the document, along with the email addresses of the team, were all publicly available via Google Groups.

In a statement released, the university dean, Rakesh Khurana, expressed his disappointment of the existence of such a document.

Similarly, Robert Scalise, the school’s athletics director, said he was disturbed by the document.

According to The Guardian, Scalise sent an email to student athletes stating that the university was suspending the team’s season.

Speaking to The Harvard Crimson, Scalise also said that the incident was indicative of a wide problem at American colleges.

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In an op-ed published by The Harvard Crimson, six of the women unfairly implicated in the incident said that they felt “appalled” by the existence of the document.

Titled “Stronger Together,” the six women said there was no excuse for such behavior.

Continuing, they said that they wanted to use this abhorrent incident as an opportunity to come together.

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The emergence of this “report” comes after a nationwide discussion around rape culture and campus safety.

According to RAINN, 11.2% of all students experience rape or sexual assault through physical force, violence, or incapacitation, with sexual violence at colleges more prevalent than in mainstream society.

Similarly, last year Harvard university released the results of a survey that showcased a “troubling” sexual assault climate at the college. And in March the university released a report about how Harvard was going to tackle the problem of sexual assault on campus.

With regards to the specific incident regarding the 2012 men’s soccer team, Robert Scalise says that a full investigation is to occur and that further measures were being put in place.