If you’re anything like us, you’ve been on the mailing list for the Harry Potter game since it was first announced. And if you are, you definitely got that email today with the subject line “Your Hogwarts Letter Has Arrived!” We’re not saying that we went through the 12 stages of grief upon remembering that we’d signed up for said mailing list and that it wasn’t, in fact, a wizarding world clerical error being corrected many years after our 11th birthday, but we’re…not not saying that, either.

Regardless of how you got the news, the important bit is this: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, which is in the vein of Pokémon Go, isn’t here yet, but it is getting closer. There’s officially a trailer to whet your appetite for all things magical, and since there’s a 2018 release date, we can only assume this means our first day at Hogwarts isn’t that far off.

We’re not hyperventilating, YOU’RE hyperventilating.

We’re possibly most excited about what looks like a pretty diverse range of character design options. It’s always one of the most fun aspects of any game, and we’re already mentally designing our Hogwarts alter-ego. Not to mention, we’re super pumped to take classes with all of our favorite teachers. Even a cartoon McGonagall staring witheringly at us across the classroom is better than nothing, y’know?

And look: We were super excited when Pottermore was announced, and it was obviously worth it for all the bonus content. But we’re also thrilled to see a more interactive, immersive experience in a Harry Potter game. We’ve definitely been dreaming of this since the late ’90s. Without further ado…

Behold: the game that will soon suck up every single free moment you have, and then some.

Hopefully the next bit of news will be a release date. We’ll be keeping an eye out for that good news (which will hopefully arrive via owl).