Listen, we get it. Halsey getting a new tattoo is like a Kardashian putting up a new Instagram post—there are many, and it’s honestly a fool’s errand trying to keep up with them. However, Halsey’s latest ink might be a clue to a bigger event that could impact all of our lives in the near future. So, you’ll want to turn your attention to her brand new “929” tiny tattoo, which she got right above her knuckles on her right hand.

Halsey fans have already figured out that “929” most likely represents her birthday, which is September 29th. (This year, the singer will be turning 25.) But it’s the caption of her Instagram post that is really capturing everyone’s attention.

“🎂track16,” Halsey wrote. Now wait just a minute.

The birthday cake emoji obviously confirms the birthday theory. But “track 16?” Are we about to get a single drop on her 25th birthday? And is that single the 16th track on her upcoming album? Fans think (and hope) so.

“Damn if this album 16 tracks i’m ready,” one follower wrote. Another added, “lmao let’s hope that track 16 is 9 minutes and 29 seconds long because i would love that (i’m joking).” We’re not.

Then again, perhaps “track 16” is a red herring. Halsey has gotten a bunch of tattoos in recent months, so “929” may just be one in the crowd.

Like we said: She loves a new tattoo. The singer is almost constantly getting fresh ink.

But pardon us for thinking that her latest addition to the collection holds a secret meaning. And we’re certainly not the only ones who think it might.

We suppose we’ll just have to wait until September 29th to see if Halsey follows through with her “track 16” tease. If and when she does, and it’s an obvious banger, we may just have to get “929” tattooed on our knuckles.