Bethany Biron
July 08, 2018 11:51 am
Steve Granitz / Getty Images

We can all commiserate with the pain of a breakup. However, imagine having to publicly sing about your heartbreak to a crowd of thousands of people. That’s exactly what brave soul Halsey did after her very recent split with G-Eazy, shattering our hearts when she started to tear up during a concert.

Halsey performed at Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing, Michigan on Friday, June 6th. And she got very emotional during her song “Sorry,” E! Online reports. When she sang the lyric, “Someone will love you / But someone isn’t me,” Halsey paused to wipe tears from her eyes. And honestly? We cried right along with her.

In a video shared by one concert-goer, you can hear the outpouring of support from fans yelling, “We love you, Halsey!”

On July 3rd, Halsey announced on Instagram that she and G-Eazy were splitting.

She told fans about the breakup on her Instagram Story. Rumors began when she posted a photo earlier that day of herself and her dog with the caption “Kiss my dog on my forehead and then kiss ur ass goodbye.”

Halsey and G-Eazy met while collaborating on the song “Him & I” last summer.

In her Instagram Story, she said that given how public their relationship was, she wanted to explain to fans what happened.

We wish Halsey all the best.