Hailey Baldwin (now Bieber) has a seemingly charmed life: a mega-pop star husband, an enviable modeling career, the love of 16.9 million Instagram followers…and yet on January 6th, 2019, the model revealed to social media followers that behind her perfect Instagram life, she—like so many of us—is fighting an uphill battle with self-love, confidence, and self-worth.

Hailey went on to describe how “every single day is a confidence battle,” adding that she’s being honest about this now because she hopes it inspires her to stay this vulnerable in the new year.

The star included a callout to other women to be more empathetic to each other because, really, you never know who may be sharing the same vulnerabilities and personal struggles as you.

We appreciate her transparency. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others on Instagram, but it’s refreshing to know that behind-the-scenes we’re all humans trying to love ourselves a little bit harder.