Karen Belz
January 22, 2018 10:44 am
Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Amazon Go store in Seattle. It’s a grocery store without cashiers. As in you walk in, scan your phone to “check in,” grab what you want, and leave (Amazon charges you digitally). The experimental new store may revolutionize the shopping experience. And even though it may seem super easy to take advantage of the set up, the store is actually highly monitored.

In fact, one guy attempted to shoplift from the store to see what would happen.

Nick Wingfield from The New York Times visited the store to see what it was all about and noticed that the shop was lined with hundreds of cameras. These cameras help identify each product and can tell when one of them leaves the store (um, spooky). In the name of journalistic integrity, Wingfield attempted to see if he could cheat the intricate system by grabbing a four-pack of vanilla soda.

Wingfield tried to obscure the product label from the cameras by wrapping the soda in a plastic bag before taking it off the shelf. And…his plan failed. While leaving the store, Wingfield got an electronic receipt from Amazon Go for his purchases — including the product he didn’t intend to purchase. So Amazon is officially one-step ahead of potential shop-lifters. (And general note: shoplifting is bad guys! Don’t shoplift!).

We absolutely can’t wait to see if this whole Amazon Go thing takes off. Until then, we might just need to book a trip to Seattle to grab some groceries.