While it’s customary to leave a tip, and perhaps add some dollars to that tip if the meal and service were exceptional, it’s not too common for someone to leave gratuity in the quadruple digits. Staff members at Boka restaurant in Chicago were shocked when one happy customer dined in and left a $2,000 tip on a meal that was $769.

The man who left the tip preferred to leave his last name anonymous. “Mike, who was visiting from Seattle,” also grabbed a picture with the staff before leaving. That’s how impressed he found their service (and while it was admittedly a Michelin star restaurant, that’s still gotta be some pretty darn good service).

The Chicago Tribune reports that Mike initially tipped $300 on his meal, but then went into the kitchen and gave all 17 staff members an extra $100 for their hard work. Which TBH, is almost as kind as the cash itself.

Mike was apparently at the restaurant with some friends prior to seeing a show, and here’s to hoping this generous spirit had a fabulous rest of his evening. Because random acts of kindness go a long way, and the world needs more of it!