twin brother
Credit: @marcus6096 / Twitter

If you’re an identical twin and you’re not taking full advantage of having a body double, sorry, but you’re doing it wrong. We urge you to take prank inspiration from identical twin brothers Marcus and Malcolm Williams. When Marcus got sick on school picture day, he asked his twin brother to do him a solid. And the results are hilarious.

Marcus shared his high school #throwback on Twitter Monday, June 4th, revealing that it wasn’t actually him in the pic.

The best part? Malcolm didn’t even change his clothes…just his facial expression. false


For reference, here are Marcus and Malcolm when they’re *actually* in the same room. false

Literally #twinning.

Since the Williams brothers have come clean about their prank of the century, other identical twins have begun spilling their own secrets on Twitter.

If you thought twin pranks were just a thing on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody — wake up and smell the identical cups of coffee. It’s happening all around us.

We’re bowing down to the Williams brothers — and all identical twins — for their hilarious ingenuity. And we’re also wondering if we’ve ever been pranked in the past by our own twin friends without even knowing. We might never trust again.