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Imagine the following: You’re at a bar, you have an amazing conversation with a guy/girl, you exchange numbers…and they accidentally give you the wrong one. That’s exactly what happened to Carlos Zetina, a Canadian student at the University of Calgary who connected with an exchange student named Nicole one night.

However, Zetina wasn’t deterred. He proceeded to check the campus directory and emailed 247 Nicoles the following message:

And while the message did not, unfortunately, reach the Nicole of his dreams, all the Nicoles it did reach got a major kick out of it. In fact, the ladies even formed a Facebook group called “Nicole From Last Night,” and started planning group meet-ups and outings around campus.

This is seriously the best friendship origin story we’ve ever heard.

Oh, and what about the Nicole, you ask? Don’t worry—she eventually found out about the message (she didn’t have a university email because she’s an exchange student). It turns out she had only been in the country a week when this all went down, which is why she wasn’t familiar with her new Canadian phone number yet. She got in touch with Zetina, and they’re apparently planning to meet up. (Aw.)

And yes—the OG Nicole is planning to meet up with all the other Nicoles for a group hang…which is kind of even better.