living with girls
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There is little in this world more comforting, powerful, and reinforcing than female friendship — and one U.K. man learned this first-hand from living with girls for a year.

Twitter user Craig Shapes went viral this week for sharing the “EYE-OPENING” habits and personality quirks of his two female roommates, and his 15-part list is delighting many on the internet.

“Last year, I moved in with my girlfriend and her best mate,” he begins. “They’re both girls. Some of the sh-t I’ve seen is EYE OPENING mate.”

He goes on to detail a number of things he’s since learned about women, from talking about their bathroom habits to impressive and varied candle collections to wearing their bathrobes out in public. While the thread, of course, is by no means representative of all women, some will definitely relate with the LOL-worthy list. false

“They show each other ALL of the messages that they receive from everybody,” Shapes tweeted. “Nobody is safe. Girls don’t need screenshots mate, they have photographic screenshot memories.” false

He also learned, as everyone must eventually, that “girls do poo” and “they ain’t scared to talk about it mate.” (Duh.) false

His roommates’ going-out routine includes “meetings, catwalk shows, endless compliments,” and complex dresses with zippers that need multiple people to finagle. false

“Candles. We have SO MANY CANDLES. Candles that smell like really weird things, like ‘rhubarb and custard.’ I don’t even know what rhubarb and custard actually smells like?!?” false

Further revelations include: They love reality television, plucking his eyebrows, sharing clothes, and Instagram stalking.

They also love dancing.

The thread has amassed nearly 90,000 likes and half as many retweets in less than a week, so it’s clear the internet agrees with some of his analyses. And in the end, Shapes loves living with girls.

“All I’d say tho is that you don’t know true loyalty until you’ve lived with girls,” he closed. “And the house is full of laugher every day.”

Hear, hear!