Trilby Beresford
July 24, 2017 8:37 am

There are some necessary evils in life that are hard to cope with without a significant other or bestie nearby to squeeze. And one of those is visiting the dentist. In fact, we just heard that a guy cried for his girlfriend after getting his wisdom teeth removed, and the whole story is pretty adorable.

For the grueling tooth extraction, Dru was supposed to be accompanied by his GF Kaylee. But apparently she opted to go to the lake with her friends, so his mom went along for the ride instead.

After the worst was over, she took this video of Dru FaceTiming Kaylee, and clearly he was feeling a lot of emotions.

FYI it’s kind of hard to make out everything he’s saying, but one of the statements is “I haven’t seen you in forever,” even though he saw Kaylee just a few days earlier. PAINKILLERS ARE SERIOUS STUFF, GUYS.

There’s no mistaking it…love is in the air!

Naturally, the internet went wild for this guy.

Dru clarified his intention with the sweetest post:

Getting your wisdom teeth out sucks, but Dru is healing just fine! The gauze is off his head and he’s even got a little smile going on.

Hopefully he and Kaylee aren’t feeling TOO overwhelmed by their viral popularity, and we hope they’re spending lots of time together post-oral surgery. Not that we’re stalking him, but Dru’s Twitter feed largely consists of posts about Kaylee and the two are impossibly sweet together.

It’s almost too much, honestly.

#Relationshipgoals are happening right here on Monday morning. Now let’s smash the day with all our might.