Brianne Hogan
Updated Feb 20, 2018 @ 11:53 am
Man drinks bottle of ketchup
Credit: Getty Images

You probably love ketchup on your burger and fries, but would you drink an entire bottle of it? Probably not. That’s okay, though, because Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya just drank a bottle of ketchup for all of humanity.

The Mumbai-based Upadhyaya recently downed an entire bottle of ketchup — that’s 14 oz. — through a drinking straw with a mighty fast time of 25.37 seconds. Not surprisingly, he received a Guinness World Record for his attempt.

According to a report from Guinness World Records, Upadhyaya was required to swallow 95% of the contents for the attempt to be valid, and was allowed to drink from a straw, however drinking from a squeeze bottle was prohibited.

If you’re wondering why someone might do such a thing, besides being a huge ketchup lover, Upadhyaya’s reason is probably the same for anyone who would want to set a world record.

Seems like setting Guinness records is Upadhyaya’s jam. He also holds the title for the most grapes eaten in a minute (that would be 73), and most oranges peeled and eaten in three minutes, among others.

You can watch his latest feat on YouTube — that is if you can ketchup (LOL SORRY NOT SORRY).

You’ll notice that Upadhyaya has a pretty big coughing fit afterwards, which isn’t surprising considering that ketchup is basically made of vinegar, onion powder, and, of course, tomatoes, meaning it’s highly acidic.

The good news is you can’t get super sick or die from eating too much ketchup, so he’s probably fine and thinking of what next record he can break next.