Today isn’t just any day. Today is a huge day, marking a victory for animal lovers, activists, and luxury fashion lovers alike. While some brands are known for not using any animal products or parts — hello, Stella McCartney — others are, well, not. But today, one of the most relevant brands in the fashion world is taking a stand against animal cruelty. Gucci just went fur-free, and our animal loving hearts are melting.

Gucci’s president and CEO, Marco Bizarre, announced the decision at the London College of Fashion.

The move comes as part of Gucci’s ten-year “Culture of Purpose” plan, which aims to make sustainability an integral part of the company.

And since more than 50 million animals are killed for fashion every year, banning the use of animal products in this way is a huge step not only for the fashion house, but for the industry at large.

In an interview with i-D, Bizarre explains further, stating,

While Gucci’s latest runway shows have included plenty of fur accents, we’re excited to see how they get creative going forward.

This is one small step for Gucci, one giant leap for fashion kind.