Arielle Tschinkel
Updated May 17, 2019 @ 11:29 am

We’re saddened to report that Grumpy Cat, one of our favorite viral internet sensations of the past decade, has died at the age of seven. Grumpy Cat’s owners took to Twitter to share the news on Friday, May 17th, revealing that the sweet and sassy fur baby suffered complications from a urinary tract infection and “passed away peacefully on the morning of Tuesday, May 14th, at home in the arms of her mommy, Tabatha.”

Grumpy Cat (whose real name was Tardar Sauce) became one of the internet’s most beloved cats back in 2012. She went on to have her own product lines (and even became a movie star), remaining one of the most memeworthy celeb cats on the planet.

Naturally, upon hearing the news of her passing, Twitter users around the world shared their thoughts on the scowling-but-sweet fur ball, and we can’t help but smile through the tears.


We’re endlessly grateful for the laughs Grumpy Cat gave us over the years, and our thoughts are with her loved ones today.