Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

When it comes to institutions of power, many things can go unaddressed. Yet Gretchen Carlson is opening up about her sexual harassment allegations publicly about her allegations and we are here for that. Since she filed her lawsuit against Roger Ailes in September, women like Chelsea Handler have shown her support.

Unfortunately sexual harassment at work is not an uncommon occurrence.

According to her, it started from her first meetings with agents trying to book her on television.

Consequently, more events like this took place. Rude comments, gestures and outright unwanted physical contact followed. Even her appearance was constantly being brought up on camera.

According to Gretchen, cameramen made inappropriate comments to her about her breasts and executives tried to force her into oral sex in the back of cars, all because they thought they could get away with it. All of these actions are NOT appropriate.

After Gretchen’s lawsuit was made public, other women have come forward to back up her story.

Hopefully Gretchen’s courage about opening up, will help even more women come forward with their experiences. Sexual harassment should never be allowed, especially not in a place of work.