Meaghan Kirby
May 10, 2018 11:09 am

Greta Gerwig saw Amy Schumer’s new movie I Feel Pretty this week and apparently the Lady Bird director is every bit of the loud movie talker we imagine Christine McPherson to be. As the story goes, Jaye Hunt happened to catch a matinee of I Feel Pretty…and was soon joined by Gerwig and a group of friends who also stopped by the Regal movie theater in Union Square to watch the mostly empty 4 p.m. showing of the film.

Hunt, who tweeted that she was seeing the film alone and saw there was nobody sitting behind her, initially intended to tweet the celeb sighting and move on. But after seeing Gerwig’s audible reactions to the previews — the Frances Ha actress apparently *just* learned about the Jane Fonda Book Club movie — she decided to keep her phone out and take us all along for the ride.

In a long Twitter thread, Hunt revealed Gerwig’s preference for the massive movie theater soda and that she was shushed for pointing out a plot hole in the film. She went on to highlight Gerwig’s highs and lows of the film — from bopping to the music to mostly finding the film to be “IN. COMP. RE. HENSIBLE.” But while Gerwig didn’t love I Feel Pretty, she seemed to have a good time regardless!

While yes, being on your phone and talking loudly in the theater is breaking two cardinal social rules of going to the movies but — *braces for impact* — Hunt pointed out that everyone in the theater was loving Gerwig’s commentary and the thread is pretty funny, so we’ll let it slide.

In short, Hunt shared Gerwig’s I Feel Pretty experience because:

According to Hunt, Saoirse Ronan was not at the screening…but did not reveal the status of Lil Timmy Tim’s attendance?!

Hunt also defended Gerwig’s loud commentary to the few detractors, claiming that she and her fellow theater-goers felt that Gerwig’s loud commentary actually *improved* the overall experience of the film — so she has zero time for anyone coming for Greta over the noise.

Here’s the entire Twitter thread:

Change the year to 2004 and this could be a Lady Bird sequel.

But as hilarious as the thread was, we hope Gerwig doesn’t make this too much of a habit — or at least reads the room before going full commentator — because we have a feeling not everyone would be as charmed as Hunt.