Kitty Lindsay
Updated Oct 22, 2017 @ 6:41 pm
Grandparents are the best
Credit: The WB

Grandparents are the best. More chill than our parents with way fewer f*cks to give, grandfolks live to make their grandchildren happy and support them in ways Mom and Dad just can’t. (Or won’t, Mom.) Whether they bake you cookies when you feel sad, champion your wildest dream, or just wrap you in a warm hug now and then, Grandma and Grandpa are there for you, kid. That’s why when this granddaughter tweeted about her grandma and grandpa waving hi to her bus every morning, we melted into a warm puddle of gooey grandparent love.

Grab some Kleenex and gather ’round, kiddos. These grandparents will make you feel all the feels. Aren’t grandmas and grandpas just the best?

It all began last month when 17-year-old Rio Smith started her first job ever fresh out of school.

In the most adorable gesture of moral support, like, ever, Rio’s grandparents stand outside and wave as Rio’s bus passes. Every. Single. Morning. So, Rio captured her grandparents’ heart-swelling ritual on film and spread the love all over the Internet.

“Every morning my Gran or Grandad stand outside and wave to me when am on the bus to work,” tweeted Rio alongside a video of her grandfather waving enthusiastically from her grandparents’ garden. The tweet has since received more than 176,000 likes and nearly 44,000 retweets.

People are really feeling the love from these grandparents.

“I’d say that they are the most genuine, caring and loving people you’ll ever meet,” Rio told Metro of her grandparents Valerie and Owen Ovenstone. “They aren’t like normal grandparents, they are fun and act so much younger than what they are which is so funny at times.”

*sniffle* We love this so much. *dabs eyes with tissue*