Morgan Noll
Updated Jan 30, 2020 @ 12:23 pm
Grammys 2020
Credit: @patmcgrathreal, Instagram, @maggierogers, Instagram

The Grammy Awards always bring major red carpet moments, buzz-worthy performances, and notable snubs every year, but what we really live for are all the behind-the-scenes gems. The 2020 Grammys areone of the biggest parties of the year, with A-list entertainment no less, and we can’t deny our FOMO. So when celebs give us a peak at their beauty routines, their pregame rituals, or their tablemates inside the show, we eat it up.

Just check out Lizzo hyping us all up for her show-opening performance.

Credit: @lizzobeeating, Instagram

It’s hard to think about anything aside from Lizzo’s queenly all-white look, but the red carpet expert made sure to remind us that she’s 100-percent That Bitch while opening the 2020 Grammys. Oh, and she also didn’t forget to mention her eight nominations. Watch Lizzo’s whole video on her TikTok.

Priyanka Chopra, meanwhile, let us get ready with her.

Credit: @priyankachopra, Instagram

The actress and beloved J-Sister shared some “get ready with me” photos on Instagram stories, and she made sure to tag her glam squad—credit where credit is due.

Pat McGrath also shared a video of the glam routine, captioning it “PRIYANKA PERFECTION,” and we couldn’t agree more. McGrath even gave us another golden piece of information: She used the Mothership V Eyeshadow Palette on Chopra and broke the look down step by step in her post.

Credit: @priyankachopra, Instagram

Chopra also shared a photo of her sweet tribute to Kobe Bryant, with the number 24 on her nails, writing, “#RIPMamba.”

Then there’s Chrissy Teigen, who got real about the not-so-glam parts.

Credit: @chrissyteigen, Instagram

Chrissy Teigen shared a video to her Instagram stories of her “heading to go get ready downtown,” but the real star of the video (besides her adorable daughter Luna in the background) is the chin pimple she zooms in on. Thank you to Chrissy for this representation.

And, uh, Maggie Rogers hid something in her tampons.

The singer-songwriter wasn’t trying to downplay her excitement about attending the Grammys—on the red carpet, she said the event felt like it was her “wedding day.” She got extra candid in her Instagram post, writing that she had “cried twice already” and she’s “smiling ear to ear.” Even cuter: She brought her best friend as her date.

As if that weren’t enough to love from the pop-folk star, she also shared a pic of these booze-smuggling fake tampon flasks.

Credit: @maggierogers, Instagram

An icon.

Cardi B was very nonchalant about the whole thing.

Credit: @iamcardib, Instagram

The rapper shared a very quick, less-than-one-second sneak peek at her glam routine, but we’ll take it. She flashed her always-incredible eyelashes while an off-camera hair stylist brushed her hair.


Credit: @iamjojo, Instagram

The “Say So” singer shared a video of herself in the car on her way to the Grammys after finding out that the song won R&B Song of the Year and she had one emotion: screaming.

Ariana Grande gave us BTS with BTS.

Our hearts weren’t prepared for this cuteness overload, and now we can’t wait for their performances tonight. Ariana Grande captioned the post, “look who i bumped into at rehearsal :)”

Rosalía got gel nails in the SUV.

Credit: @rosalia.vt, Instagram

We love a multi-tasking glam moment. Rosalía gets the crown for getting jewel-encrusted nails done while in transit.

Credit: @rosalia.vt, Instagram

Alicia Keys started it all off with morning meditations.

We can always count on Alicia Keys—our beautiful host for the night—to keep us centered. On Grammys morning, she posted a meditation video, captioning it, “Today is the day to stand in your power, trust yourself and know that excellence and greatness are YOURS!!!”