Pamela Chan
Updated May 20, 2015 @ 3:02 pm

There’s definitely something different about your Google search page today. You can’t quite put your finger on it but something, just something odd is going on.

Well, fear not avid Googlers, we are not going collectively crazy! As of Tuesday, Twitter and Google have officially partnered up to bring live Tweets to Google Search on all mobile devices. So now, whenever you are searching with the Google app (or any other browser on your phone or tablet), you’ll also be able to easily access all the unique, real-time content Twitter is so famously known for. There’s also a desktop web version as well as an international version (U.S. users are getting the first taste!) coming very shortly, so look out world, your days of exploring the world wide web are going to get so much more exciting!

With this new function, you’ll now be able to comb through billions of daily tweets at lightning speed. What’s more is that users can filter tweets to highlight the most popular tweets or recent tweets, as well as results from specific accounts or tweets including photos, video, or breaking news, among other options. More simply put: The new search algorithm not only shows tweets more prominently in search results, but also takes into account user intent (according to Twitter) so that sheer numbers don’t always win out.

These new Google changes come right on the heels of the recent marriage between the two tech giants. It’s also sure to be a giant step for Twitter by driving more traffic back to its site and helping the social media service expand even further beyond their already-whopping 302 million monthly active users.

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect courtesy of Twitter’s official site:

It is indeed a fine “new way to discover Tweets.” Thanks for the new additions Twitter. And Google, we are so digging the new look!

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