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Yes, Facebook can be a dark and stressful place sometimes, but every once in a while, something glorious appears in your Facebook newsfeed to remind you that there is still good in this world. ABC News shared a video that has now gone viral of a good samaritan who stopped traffic with his giant raised truck to escort an elderly man with a walker across the street. The feel-good moment was captured by another motorist who waited in traffic while the man crossed the street.

Someone who works with the “good samaritan” outed his kind, anonymous deed in a comment on the video.

“This guy works for my company!…Thanks for sharing JJ’S good deed because he is an OUTSTANDING Guy and worker,” wrote the proud co-worker.

Currently, there are a lot of women campaigning to wife up JJ, the kind anonymous gentleman. “I would like to know if this gentleman is married?” one fan commented on the video. Another wrote: “Does JJ need a wife? Because I volunteer! Not a lot of gentleman left out there.” Ladies, we feel you.

Unfortunately there are some grumps in the bunch wondering why the older man didn’t cross at the crosswalk, but we can’t assume everything about this situation, and perhaps the elderly gentlemen wasn’t able to reach or locate the crosswalk.

In these trying times in America, it is such a lovely thing to witness small acts of kindness like this one.

Take a beat from the political hamster wheel that is likely your Facebook newsfeed these days and share something uplifting today!