With just weeks to go until the release of GLOW Season 2, Netflix *finally* dropped the trailer, instantly improving our Monday. Trust me: You won’t realize how badly you needed the GLOW Season 2 trailer until you watch it. It is so rad. It’s tubular, even. That’s an ’80s slang word, right?

The GLOW trailer conveniently picks up right as the gorgeous ladies of wrestling are preparing for their second season in the ring.

But things with this crew never go quite as planned, do they? While their show may have been a surprise success in its first outing, there’s still a lot going on with the individual wrestlers. Debbie, in the midst of her divorce, is forced to balance single motherhood with reinvigorating her career. Her issues with Ruth, a former BFF who *definitely* slept with her husband a few times, might be affecting the rest of the crew. Meanwhile, as the women’s stars rise, they contend with increased visibility — and the often offensive stereotypes they’ve reclaimed as their wrestling identities. Throw in cocaine, life angst, delightful four-letter words, and a heck of a lot of hairspray, and you’ve got the perfect summer show waiting for you on Netflix.

In addition to leggings and spandex, it looks like the next season of GLOW will tackle the darker side of the industry.

The trailer doesn’t make it 100% clear, but it looks as if male network executives attempting to take advantage of the successful female performers of GLOW will become a prominent theme of the season — just like in real life. Toss systemic sexism and uncontrollable fans into the mix, and it’s obvious that these upcoming episodes of GLOW will be more explosive than the first.

The full season drops on Netflix on June 29th. GLOW Season 1 is available now, of course, in case you want to catch up on all the painfully great stuff before the Season 2 premiere.