Anna Sheffer
March 02, 2018 1:51 pm

From macarons to rainbow grilled cheese to unicorn lattes, we’re always willing to try the latest Instagram-worthy food trend.  And if you need a little more sparkle in your feed, you’re in luck: Glitter beer has arrived.

Like the recent glitter lattes that popped up in U.K. and India coffee shops, glitter beer is a feast for the eyes. Both drinks use edible glitter, which is completely safe to consume. The trend is much older than you might think: In 2016, as part of a write-up on the Great American Beer Festival, HuffPost featured a millennial pink ale made with beets and blood oranges called Mermaid Tale from Seabright Brewery in Santa Cruz, California. But what made Mermaid Tale so magical was the addition of edible glitter.

Since then, sparkly beer has cropped up all over the country. Munchies reports that shimmery beers have made their debut at Ska Brewing in Durango, Colorado; Three Weavers Brewing in Inglewood, California; and Bold Missy Brewing in Charlotte, North Carolina, among others.

Bold Missy’s take on the glitter beer is a love letter to ’90s kitsch. Head brewer Carli Smith told Munchies that the lemon and pink peppercorn “Trapper Keeper” Saison was inspired by the designs of Lisa Frank. And just looking at Trapper Keeper, we’re having serious flashbacks.

The glitter beer trend has made its way overseas, too. According to Bustle, the Australian brewery Two Birds Nest now carries a galactic homage to David Bowie called the Stardust IPA.

We think Bowie would approve.

Ground Breaker Brewing in Portland, Oregon even offers a Hulk-green, gluten-free option.

By adding sparkles to their drinks, these craft breweries are letting their brews ~shine.~ And with St. Patrick’s Day coming up, having a drink with a little gold shimmer seems like the perfect way to celebrate. We can’t wait to try a couple of these mesmerizing beers ourselves.