Glenn Close has been having a fabulous awards season thanks to her powerful performance in The Wife, but the film’s road to the 2019 Oscars hasn’t been easy. Close stated in her 2019 Golden Globes acceptance speech that the film took 14 years to make, and now she’s revealed the reason why: Apparently, no A-list American actor wanted to be in a film called The Wife. We know…what?

The Wife tells the story of a wife (Close) whose husband wins the Nobel Prize in literature, the only thing is (spoiler alert) she writes all his books. Close’s titular “Wife” is the star of the film and the actress told NPR on February 12th, 2019 that the reason it took so long to make the movie was because no American male actors wanted to play second fiddle to her in a feature film.

Jane Anderson, who wrote the screenplay, also told that one agent even told her, “if I gave this screenplay to my male client, they will never forgive me.”

The producers eventually found British actor Jonathan Pryce, who was more than happy to take second billing to Glenn Close.

Here’s to Close hopefully collecting that much-deserved Oscar this weekend.