Toria Sheffield
Updated December 08, 2017 8:56 am
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On November 17th, news broke that actress Aurora Perrineau had accused Girls writer Murray Miller of sexual assault. Miller’s legal team promptly released a statement which not only stated that the accusations were false, but strongly implied that Perrineau was merely attempting to extort Miller for money.

The statement read:

However, Miller’s legal team retracted their statement on December 7th.

This new information begs the question: Why would Miller’s legal team think Perrineau had asked for money in the first place? Could it be because Miller falsely claimed she had? We unfortunately have no way of knowing at this time, but these new developments certainly raise some red flags. Namely: If Miller’s legal team was so wrong about the fact that Perrineau had demanded money from their client, could they also be wrong about his claims of innocence?

Perrineau’s accusation made headlines in no small part because Girls creator Lena Dunham initially came to Miller’s defense. In a joint statement, Dunham and Girls show-runner Jenni Konner wrote,

Dunham faced strong backlash for her comments, with many pointing out her hypocritical stance on sexual misconduct (aka “We should believe women…unless the accused is my friend”). Dunham issued a retraction of her statement the next day, along with an apology, but not before the damage had been done.

Women’s voices have been silenced for far too long on these issues, which is why it’s important to take each and every claim of sexual abuse and misconduct seriously. We’ll be monitoring this case as it develops, and only hope that justice is served.