Credit: Nightfall Motion Pictures

Graduating is a big deal. And graduating with a Master’s degree is huge. Which is probably why Cydnee Patterson from Beaumont, Texas chose to go big when creating a graduation video to send to her friends and family. Seriously. It’s epic. And now it’s gone viral.

Working with her friend Dareas Scott, Patterson didn’t even intend for the video to be seen by more than a few people. But the internet has a mind of its own, and the vid took off after her brother, Darrell, posted it to Twitter on May 8th. Thousands of people are now cheering for Cydnee, aka a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction.

The video is the perfect way to celebrate her achievement. Take a look (and yes, that is Drake’s “God’s Plan” you’re hearing.

Epic, right? And of course, Twitter stans Cydnee so hard.

It looks like Cydnee’s next step is her Doctorate (after which we can only assume she’ll release the feature-length movie, right?).