Trilby Beresford
Updated April 06, 2017 3:21 am

For many high school seniors, this is a pretty stressful time of year. It’s college acceptance letter time, which means many teens are pretty much perpetually on the edge of their seats. But we just heard that one New Jersey girl was accepted by all eight Ivy League schools (and Stanford), and it’s kind of blowing our minds. No joke, Ifeoma White-Thorpe is a student at Morris Hills High School, and she just pulled off the EGOT equivalent of college acceptance season.

Just to recap, Ifeoma got into:

Harvard, Yale, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton and Stanford.

As far as majors, White-Thorpe has plans to study global health and biology. She told the news station that she targeted these schools in her applications because they have top research facilities.

So the question is, which school will she choose?!

We’re also hoping these schools offer something that helps ease the burden of lofty higher education fees (because student loans are no joke!). In the meantime, sending a HUGE congrats to you, Ifeoma! YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF #GIRLBOSS!