Her teeny-tiny hand!

Olivia Harvey
Jan 06, 2021 @ 12:35 pm
Gigi Hadid

Slowly, but surely, we are being introduced to Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik's baby daughter who arrived in September. Hadid posted an adorable picture of baby holding mama's pinky finger, and though we've only ever seen the top of her head and her teeny-tiny hand, we already know that baby Hadid-Malik is probably the cutest baby to have ever graced our timeline.

"My girl!" Hadid captioned the January 5th post. In November, Hadid called her daughter "da bestie" on Instagram, so we already know this mother-daughter duo is about to take over the world.

Fellow model Gisele Bündchen commented two heart emojis, and designer Marc Jacobs wrote, "Sooooo sweet." Olivia Culpo added "Angel!!!!!!" and Tommy Hilfiger commented, "Moments to be cherished." Noor Tagouri said, "Mashallah," an Arabic phrase meaning "as Allah has willed" and used to express joy and amazement (both of which we also feel looking at this post).

Though Hadid has shared a plethora of pregnancy pics on her feed, she's kept her daughter's life private for now. Both she and Malik have kept photos of baby offline, even refraining from disclosing what they decided to name her.

But despite having not officially met her, we already know she's an Incredible Hulk fan (baby's first Halloween costume), destined to be politically active like her mother, and has already learned how to be a brave East Coaster, having experienced her very first snow storm earlier this winter.

We're honestly kind of nervous for the day when we finally meet baby Hadid-Malik—the cuteness overload might cause a glitch in the mainframe. But, uh, that's a risk we're willing to take.