Angelica Florio
Updated Jul 30, 2017 @ 10:52 am

Oh, Canada! This is truly some next-level Canadian glory. While us other North Americans are over here in the U.S. are watching the dramatic dismantling of an administration, Canadians are being treated to a show in which a giant mechanical spider and dragon have come to life and are roaming the streets of Ottawa. Yes, it’s actually straight out of a sci-fi action movie about robots taking over the world.

The juxtaposition between the U.S. and our northern neighbor has been stark lately. After millions of people rallied together for the Women’s March, for example, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded with encouragement, (while the newly elected U.S. president stayed silent on the matter). Plus, Canada’s first child without an official assigned gender was just born, while Trump banned trans people from the military.

It’s times like these that make us say, “Why am I not Canadian?”

Because look at what’s going on THERE:

This is all part of an urban theater performance spanning over four days and taking over closed-off streets in Ottawa. The participants are Kumo, a spider that can stretch to 20 meters in length (which is almost 66 feet), and Long Ma, a half-dragon half-horse, which is about 40 feet high.

Here’s the backstory: “Kumo took refuge in Ottawa after stealing Long Ma’s wings. Long Ma’s goal is to defeat Kumo, but first needs to get his wings back,” CTV Newsreports.

The show is called “The Spirit of the Dragon-Horse, with Stolen Wings,” and it’s being produced by a French performance company, La Machine, which was founded in 1999.

According to CTV News, the finale is set to take place on Sunday night outside of the Canadian War Museum.

Not only are the mechanics and visuals mind-blowing, but the robot creatures are also accompanied by a floating orchestra! It sounds so cool that we’re wondering how quickly we can get to Ottawa for the grand finale tonight.

These are real giant robots, (seemingly) come to life!

It. Is. Too. Cool.

The whole show is a part of Canada’s 150th birthday celebration, and as CTV News reports, its goal is to make the streets of the nation’s capital into a theatrical stage and include the public as part of the show. It’s truly a participatory show, and audience members have turned up in the tens of thousands.

A schedule of the show can be found on the Ottawa 2017 website so everyone can be sure to catch the exciting action. What an awesome way to celebrate Canada’s birthday. We are so very jealous.