Full Frame Shot Of Star Field
Credit: Vikrant Agarwal / EyeEm

Scientists have found a “ghost galaxy” that is 99.99% made up of dark matter. It’s located inside of the Coma galaxy and has probably already spawned hundreds of new sci-fi scripts being sent to the desks of Hollywood producers’ assistants. Its discovery is another win for the scientific community, which has identified the ghost galaxy’s location even though dark matter doesn’t reflect light and can’t be seen.

Little information is available about dark matter, which is what makes this discovery so amazing! All we really know is that our universe is made up of 27% dark matter, yet we can only tell it exists through calculations. It’s not something that can be observed.

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Scientists saw that the stars in that region were acting strange — moving way too fast. That meant that something around them was influencing the gravity and keeping that galaxy together. The answer = dark matter. Oh science, when are you going to stop being cool and start getting the well-deserved funding you so desperately need for the advancement of the human race?

A co-author of the paper published about this discovery, Professor Roberto Abraham, said, “We have no idea how galaxies like Dragonfly 44 could have formed,” showing once again how crucial discoveries like this are. With more clues to what dark matter is, we are slowly piecing together the mysteries of this universe.

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Hopefully, the ghost galaxy isn’t home to all of our evil twins. And hopefully, we will find the answers to our questions some day!