Jessica Booth
Updated Jan 26, 2018 @ 2:48 pm
Credit: Edward Berthelot, Getty Images

It’s pretty much official: baby bangs are the unexpected hair trend of 2018. More than a handful of celebrities have been rocking the look for the last few months, and it’s only gaining traction as time goes on. As with any other unique trend, baby bangs can seem terrifying at first — but then they sort of grow on you, leaving you wondering if you can pull them off. And you probably can, but we’ll be honest: baby bangs are not for the faint of heart. This is a fierce look that requires some effort, and they can easily go south. You need to be armed with some tips on how to get baby bangs, so that you don’t end up with a doll haircut fail.

Before you snip your hair into this new look, think long and hard. Bangs in general can be annoying, but super short bangs? They’re even more high-maintenance. You have to be ready to spend the morning working on your baby bangs, rather than rushing out the door at the last-minute. Another thing to keep in mind? They’re so short that they can’t be easily clipped back, either. And, of course, the growing-out period can be awkward.

Still convinced you want to try them out? Then go for it! Just keep these things in mind for baby bangs that look amazing and not, well, doll-like:

1. Go to a professional.

The first step in getting baby bangs you’ll love? Go to a professional hair stylist. This is not the time to try cutting your own hair (unless you are a professional, of course). Go to someone you trust, not someone new, and ask for their opinion. Hair stylists are typically very honest with their clients and they’ll let you know if they don’t think it’s going to work. They could also suggest a play on the trend that will look great with your face shape.

2. Make sure they don’t go against your hair.

When getting something like baby bangs, it’s important to keep your hair type in mind and to work with it, not against it. If your hair is straight, then get blunt baby bangs that fall straight. If your hair is wavy and textured, get softer, feathered baby bangs — they’ll look better with your texture, while blunt bangs will require a ton of work and might not ever be what you want them to be. If your hair is layered, layer the bangs. Just don’t get bangs that work for a different hair type, or it’s going to look all wrong.

3. Start off soft and wispy.

Credit: Lester Cohen / Contributor / Getty Images

Super blunt baby bangs are a look, and they can be tough to pull off. They are also a lot of work. You’re better off at least starting with a softer style, like what Emma Watson did. They’re a little bit feathered and more flowy than baby bangs that are cut harshly and straight across. They also work better with textured hair, and they tend to look less severe.

4. Get a shorter cut overall.

If you’re up for it, you may want to just go ahead and chop off all your hair. Tiny baby bangs can look jarring with really long hair (although that look can definitely work!), but they seem to make a little more sense when the rest of your hair is super short too. You could always do a full-on pixie with baby bangs, or a very short bob. This will also make the growing out phase of both styles look a little more natural.

5. Be prepared for *a lot* of maintenance.

In order to keep baby bangs from looking like a haircut fail, you have to work on them each and every day. They’ll get messed up every night when you’re sleeping, so you’ll have to be prepared to wake up a little earlier than usual to give them some love. You might find yourself touching them up throughout the day, depending on your hair type. And if you don’t want them to grow out too soon, you’ll need to have regular trims. If this doesn’t seem doable, it might not be the style for you.

6. Purchase a mini flat iron.

Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor / Getty Images

Whether you’re getting blunt baby bangs or layered baby bangs, you will need a tiny flat iron to get you through this trend. Regardless of your hair texture, you’ll find them flipping up or acting wonky a lot of the time. A mini flat iron is the best, most effortless way to keep them in line.

7. Commit to the look.

Let’s be clear: baby bangs are a bold look, and they require confidence. If you’re going to wear them, then commit to them. Don’t act like you’re unsure of them. Be confident, love your baby bangs, and don’t let anyone else bring you down.