Toria Sheffield
September 03, 2018 6:55 am
The Independent /

The nation has spent the past week mourning the loss of one of our greatest modern statesmen: Senator John McCain. McCain spent his life serving the American people, and was respected for his values and integrity on both sides of the political aisle—which is no easy feat in the current political climate.

And now, a sweet and subtle moment from the senator’s funeral is going viral, and for good reason. During the September 1st memorial at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C., cameras caught former president George W. Bush slip former first lady Michelle Obama—who was seated to his right—a cough drop (some outlets initially reported it as a piece of candy). She quietly thanks Bush for the sly move, and they continue to listen to the service.

This might not seem like the biggest moment, especially when compared to the many powerful speeches that occurred during Saturday’s service. However, many couldn’t help but note just how much the small gesture means in today’s world, as well as how it perfectly encapsulated the values and ideals McCain himself represented: Even though we may disagree, politics should be a place for mutual respect, decency, and yes, kindness.

While no one called out Donald Trump directly during the service, there were several references to the petty and harmful rhetoric happening in today’s White House.

Let’s all take a cue from the former president and first lady today and be our best, most decent selves. And let’s also remember to make our voices heard in the November midterms.