Anna Sheffer
Updated Jul 26, 2019 @ 12:37 pm

Over the past few years, gender reveal parties have become inescapable. Social media is plastered with pictures of expecting parents cutting into cakes with pink or blue insides, and plenty of others pull even more outlandish stunts in the name of advertising their future child’s sex chromosomes. There have been reports of gender reveals featuring lasagna, alligators, and Bill Murray. In one instance, a gender reveal party even caused a forest fire, according to CNN. Suffice it to say that the industry of broadcasting a baby’s birth sex is booming. And it turns out that the woman credited with starting the whole fad has mixed opinions about it.

In a July 25th Facebook post, Jenna Myers Karvunidis of the blog High Gloss and Sauce wrote that some have claimed she “invented” gender reveal parties after she wrote about her own in 2008. (According to The New Yorker, the first gender reveal video was uploaded to YouTube in 2008.)

But despite the fame that her supposedly trend-setting party has brought, Karvunidis wrote that she’s not sure how to feel about it.

She went on to question the weight that we place on an infant’s sex at birth.

Karvunidis also noted that her daughter, who was the subject of her first gender reveal party, “is a girl who wears suits.” It just goes to show that learning a baby’s sex chromosomes can’t predict how they’ll express their gender later in life.

Twitter users applauded her words.

Since they’ve taken off, many have criticized gender reveal parties. Some, like writer Jessica Winter in Slate, have argued that forcing children into one of two genders before they are born ignores the realities of transgender people and shoehorns children into restrictive gender roles. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why Karvunidis has mixed feelings about the whole thing. We’re glad that she’s reflecting on what gender reveal parties mean, and we hope it makes others reconsider how much importance they place on them, too.