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Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth. That is – if you aren’t one of the seventeen patrons who were struck by an unfortunate and concentrated shower of falling geese droppings? Yeesh! A flock of geese unknowingly (or maybe knowingly) ruined a perfectly fun day in the sun for eleven adults and six children with their messy bird goo. The fecal fiasco was serious enough that the Anaheim Police Department had to investigate. They arrived on scene and assisted the human bullseyes. And well, the Twitter-verse couldn’t let this “fly-by dropping” go without making its own savagely funny tweets.


To be fair, it was originally reported that human feces were being tossed at the Disneyland patrons. Double yeesh! Hence why the Anaheim Police Department arrived on scene to investigate. No human feces equals no crime?

Of course, who could resist tweeting a good pun?

We would expect no less from the Anaheim Police Department.

Some Twitter users had a specific theory about the less-than-majestic fowl.

We’re sensing a pattern here. And well, that’s the thing about geese. They might look like fluffy, walking, feathery clouds you want to chase around. They can and will turn into rage machines once provoked. Some might go so far as calling them malevolent.

Don’t believe us? We didn’t want to have to do this, but at least watch this compilation of geese behaving badly and tell us “malevolent” isn’t the correct word to describe them.

So, we think this might actually be an appropriate tweet for the occasion.

Next time you’re enjoying a cloudless blue summer sky and you hear the faint rustling of a flock of flying geese, be sure to do what those unlucky patrons didn’t do. Take cover! Or, at least, throw your hands over your face. Your delicate features will surely be grateful.