Credit: KRO-NCRV

Prepare yourself ladies, this one is NOT cool. There is a game show that focuses on women being fat or pregnant and the Internet is pissed about it…as they should be.

Yes, we all know that sexism alive and well, and SO not cool, but this game show takes it up a notch. In today’s “can you believe this?” news, the Netherlands has a show that really raises all our hackles about body shaming, pregnancy shaming, and misogyny. That’s quite a trifecta.

Okay, enough about our anger, let’s focus on what the show actually does:

According to, people are offended by a Dutch game show called Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee (or Bring Your Bathing Suit). Its new season premiered on Sunday, and has caused a lot of controversy for its treatment of women.

On the show, male contestants are asked to look at women — who are displayed on a platform — and decide if they are fat or just pregnant.

We will give you a minute to let this set in.

We’re not the only ones appalled by the show. People have taken to Twitter to share their anger over the show.

Check out some of the tweets below:

Since the public outrage, KRO-NCRV has scrapped the segment. According to there was also a statement released by the station’s director.

You can see a clip of the show here:

We hope the station and the show’s producers have learned a lesson, because this matters. Of course, we need to find ways to examine prejudice that are effective and get the concept through to people. But using outdated standards of body image to publicly mock women is simply not okay.