Elizabeth Entenman
Updated May 20, 2019

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Season 8, Episode 6 (the finale!) of Game of Thrones.

Well friends, it’s the end of an era. The Game of Thrones finale, aptly titled “The Iron Throne,” aired last night, May 19th. For weeks we’ve been analyzing fan theories, watching behind-the-scenes footage, and laughing at memes about the show. But now, it’s all really over. The general consensus is that Daenerys deserved better, Sansa makes a damn good queen, and Arya needs her own spinoff ASAP. There were some satisfying moments (Jon petting Ghost, anyone?), but on the whole, many fans found the ending deeply unsatisfying and are disappointed with the writers.

Love it or hate it, Sunday nights won’t be the same without Game of Thrones, and it hasn’t fully hit us yet that it’s over. We’ll miss discussing the show at length on Monday mornings and reading wild fan theories on Reddit. But most of all, we’ll miss the Twitter hot takes and hilarious memes.

And now, for the final time, here are some of the best Game of Thrones memes from the series finale.

People were really upset about Jon killing Dany. But even more than that, they were gutted by Drogon’s reaction to her death. false

They loved his retaliation of burning the Iron Throne, though.

Not everyone was upset about Dany’s fate, though.

Fans were not pleased to see Bran win the (now proverbial) Iron Throne. false

They were, however, happy to see Sansa become queen.

Also: “Uncle, please sit” is our new catchphrase.


They were also happy that Arya got her freedom.

So many people have jokes about what Brienne of Tarth was writing about Jaime, and each one is funnier than the last.


Maybe the best moment of the entire Game of Thrones finale was when Jon gave Ghost some love.

But overall, people were disappointed with the nearly 80-minute finale.

They had a lot of thoughts to share with the Game of Thrones writers.


Basically, in conclusion: false

Farewell, Game of Thrones. Thanks for all of the meme-ories.