Warning: Major Game of Thrones finale spoilers ahead.

The Game of Thrones series finale script is now online, and it provides some serious closure for both Daenerys Targaryen and fans. While showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have remained mum amid fan speculation on potential hidden meanings in the finale’s most shocking moments, the script confirms a few of the biggest fan theories—and puts to rest another major one.

Because the final episode, “The Iron Throne,” is up for a writing Emmy, the script has been uploaded to the Emmys website, and it’s full of answers to the many lingering questions fans have about Dany’s death. One of the biggest confirmations regards the much-talked-about House of the Undying prophecy from Season 2. In the vision from that scene, Dany walks through snowy ruins of the Throne Room and encounters an icy Iron Throne before reuniting with her late son and husband, Khal Drogo. However, given Dany and Drogon’s subsequent brutal burning of King’s Landing, many fans came to believe the white substance thought to be snow was actually ash.

After much speculation and a number of deeply researched analyses on Reddit, the finale script confirms that it is, in fact, snow.

The very first line of the script reads, “Snow has begun to fall and will continue to fall throughout this day.”

With the opening line, it’s already clear that Dany will enter a snow-covered Throne Room just pages later—page 15 to be exact—but the script takes it even further by calling out the House of the Undying vision specifically.

In addition to the House of The Undying prophecy, the script also clears up Drogon’s motives for burning the Iron Throne.

While many fans considered it a symbolic gesture to destroy the powerful seat that ultimately brought down so many—including his mother, Dany—the script calls the throne, “not the target of Drogon’s wrath, just a dumb bystander caught up in the conflagration.”

The finale script also reveals that Drogon considers Jon Snow a “friend” and “not a threat” when he enters the Throne Room. Oh, and it confirms, for those who still haven’t come to terms with it, that Dany is definitely dead.

While the script may not give fans everything they wanted from the divisive final season, at the very least, it’s giving us some of the answers we’ve been waiting for.