Meaghan Kirby
May 02, 2019 10:07 am

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Season 8, Episode 3 of Game of Thrones, “The Battle of Winterfell.” 

The Battle of Winterfell has come and gone, and Arya Stark saved the day. While many suspected that Jon Snow or even Daenerys Targaryen would be the one to defeat the Night King, Game of Thrones pulled off a major surprise: Arya Stark delivered the final blow—with the catspaw blade, no less (though the series has admittedly been dropping hints it would be her all along).

Having spent the last several seasons embarking on a journey to become a ruthless killer, the tiny assassin came in clutch at the very last minute as the Night King prepared to kill Bran Stark, aka the Three-Eyed Raven. She leapt out of nowhere, knife at the ready. And while her attempt appeared to fall just short (the Night King grabbed her by the throat), Arya deftly dropped her blade and caught it with her other hand, perfectly positioning her to stab him in the chest—just as we’d seen her do while sparring Brienne of Tarth in Season 7.

Her boss move is now inspiring the #AryaChallenge, in which people attempt to drop things and catch them in their other hand.

Arya may have defeated the Night King, but according to many theories—including potentially Melisandre’s—the assassin has one more major player to kill during the final three episodes of Game of Thrones. Only time will tell on this one.